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Latin SOUL via Bristol

The Shingalings are inspired by the little-known Latin Boogaloo scene in New York in the 1970s; a fusion of Latin music with Soul, Funk  and R&B which had a brief foray into the mainstream.


Lead by exuberant talisman Drew Salida, The Shingalings entertain with a distinctive sound knee-deep in feel-good piano hooks, filthy horn lines, rapturous vocals and of course, those titillating Latin beats.


Soul Drummer
I Like It Like That
Soy El Rey


"BEST GIG EVER!" - Ben's Dad

"The Shing-a-lings make middle-aged women drag unknown youngsters up onto improvised dance floors, then shake their backsides with gay abandon and grin until their faces ache. If you don’t leave a Shing a Ling gig thirsty for more, you have no soul. I DEFINITELY LIKE IT LIKE THAT!" - Michelle, Facebook user and Shing-a-lings superfan. 

"One of the sharpest local things of the past year of two. The Shing-a-lings play Boogaloo [and other related rhythms] with style and a massive sense of fun. Treat yourselves." - The Bell, Bath

“Combining new arrangements of Boogaloo classics with their original tunes, the Shing a Lings bring the party— all you have to do is enjoy it.”  - Bristol 24/7

2024 GIGS

Friday 22/3/2024 - The Canteen, Bristol

Friday 26/4/2024 - The Barrelhouse, Bristol 

Saturday 4/5/2024 - The Woolpack Inn, S
lad (afternoon)

Saturday 11/5/204 - The Square & Compass, Worth Matravers

Thursday 6/6/2024. - The Old Duke, Bristol

Friday 14/6/2024 - Beeses, Bristol  

Friday 19/7/2024 - Mr Wolfs, Bristol

Saturday 17/8/2024 -VDub At The Pub Festival, Dorsert

Saturday 24/8/2024 - Glastonbury Abbey Festival 

Saturday 7/9/2024 - 
The Square & Compass, Worth Matravers

Thursday 19/9/2024 - The Old Duke, Bristol

Friday 11/10/2024 - The Canteen, Bristol

Friday 22/11/2024 - The Old Duke, Bristol